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Shion Uzuki was the proud chief of the KOS-MOS project.

Allen Ridgely was her assistant, and good friend.

Allen, having worked closely with the proud chief for little over two years, had developed feelings for the young woman. His natural nature took over, though, and Allen being a rather shy and nervous man, had never spoke one word of devotion to Shion. His actions speak otherwise. His commitment to keeping his chief safe, and the devotion he has for her and the KOS-MOS project are all in favor of Shion's views. Shion does not seem privy to Allen's feelings, and one must wonder if she will ever think of Allen as just a little more than a co-worker. Only time and a lot of adventures will tell.

Gentle Daze refers to the conversation Allen and Shion had shortly after the game between. Shion was called to the bridge of the spaceship, Woglinde, to explain her current data info she had on KOS-MOS. Shion, being rather forgetful, left the records in the lab. Allen, always there for her, chased her down and handed her the important records. When he found her, he noticed her mind seemed to be elsewhere, and calmly said: "You know, it's dangerous wandering around in a daze like that." I think, at times, Allen and Shion relationship is both gentle, and maybe just a little dazed. Therefor, Gentle Daze was born. This site was opened 3/19/03 and is an official fanlisitng and a t-b production.