The mysterious appearance of hideously deformed creatures that dwell amidst the shadows and feed on human blood was a threat to any man alive. To fight off these monsters called Wels, religion collected a group of skilled priests and bestowed upon them the blessing of God to rid the world of these dangerous beings. These fighting priests are called "Etones", armed with faith and mortal weaponry they strive to bring peace while guiding the people towards God. Billy was one of these individuals. Billy was a diligent and efficient Etone. He used his inherited gun-slinging talent to aid him in his missions to spread the word of God and end the horror brought about by the Wels. Billy was also Stone's most loved student, and Stone, being the head Etone, entasks Billy with the most delicate jobs which often lead to envy between fellow priests. Amidst Billy's piety, deep within his heart he despises his own father, Jessie Black. This roots back to the historical death of Billy's mother, and Jessie's eventual negligence of his parental obligations for his son and his daughter, Primera. But one day, Billy's youthful heart was about to be challenged. Was his hatred for Jessie really compromised with Stone's love? Does his religion justify the need for killing Wels? The truth shall be hard on Billy, and it shall be as frightening as the day he lost his mother. [Borrowed from The Nisan Sanctuary.]