Callisto was a woman hell bent on revenge. Xena, the famed Warrior Princess, was her target. Xena was once the powerful, brutal warlord known throughout Greece as a woman without heart or feeling. For she had burned Callisto's village, Cirra, to the ground and murdered her family. Callisto managed to escape, and filled with bitterness and hate, vowed to revenge everyone who was once dear to her. She vowed to take Xena down. Many years passed, and Xena had changed. No longer did she murder and steal from villages-- she helped them with the help of her friend, Gabrielle. Callisto did not care. She took on the name of Xena, claiming she was back with vengence. She wanted Xena to know exactly who she was, and that she could beat her with her training.

As Xena and Gabrielle travel Greece, little do they know they will meet their greatest enemy...

I felt Mocking Touch refers to Xena and Callisto's rivalry perfectly. In the Sacrifice episodes, when Xena killed Callisto (who was a god at the time) with a special dagger, Callisto touched Xena's face with eyes filled with sadness as she slumped, lifeless, to the ground.