The current layout of PRINCESS is version 1, and features screen captures of Greta's tearful goodbye from DAYS.

Played by:Julianne Morris
Character Name: Princess Greta von Amberg (aka Swamp Girl)
Actresses Names: Julianne Morris & Brittany Lee Carr (in flashbacks only)

Greta is the daughter of Princess Gina von Amberg, but who her father is, is yet unknown. She was born in England, in a town south of London. Greta was raised by her mother and her husband, the eccentric Prince Philippe von Amberg in England. When they moved to France, to Philippe’s castle named ‘Le Chateau des Rêves’ (The Castle of Dreams), the Von Ambergs had a hard time adjusting. The Von Ambergs had several estates, so Greta travelled a lot across Europe. Things got more complicated when Philippe died. Prince Philippe loved Greta and didn’t know that he biologically wasn’t really her father. After the Prince passed away, Gina couldn’t take care of Greta alone, so she had several nannies who took care of her. Greta spend most of her time alone at European boarding schools. Greta was elated when Gina would be home and developed a close band with Father John Black, a priest friend of Gina’s. Gina only saw her daughter on special occasions, such as Greta’s tenth birthday, but loved her with all her heart. In Paris, where Le Chateau des Rêves was located, Greta took acting lessons as that was her passion. Later, Greta was sent to Ms. Predwell’s Academy For Girls, a boarding school in New Orleans, by her mother Gina. When Greta learned that her mother had sunk into a deep depression, Greta quickly returned to Europe. Her mother was very ill and thought it would be best for Greta to return to New Orleans. That was the last time Greta would see her mother.

While still in boarding school, Greta received a telegram from a man named Stefano DiMera, a friend of her mother’s. He informed Greta that Gina had died and Greta mourned the loss of her mother. After finishing boarding school, Greta began working as an actress, and was hired in 1990 by the magician Ernesto Toscano to appear in a magic trick. Greta travelled to an island in the Mediterranean, where she had to replace a woman named Hope Williams Brady in a cage that would be hanging over a vat of acid. After Hope was let out off the cage, Greta and Ernesto appeared in the cage, but Greta had to pretend she was Hope, as the audience had to think Hope was still in the cage. However, things went wrong as an explosion occurred. Ernesto and Greta both plunged into the vat of acid below. Ernesto died, but Greta survived, terribly scarred by the acid. Greta was devastated and Stefano DiMera, who had worked together with Ernesto Toscano in the magic trick, took her to his plantation Maison Blanche in New Orleans, along with Hope, who would be brainwashed, unbeknownst to Greta. Stefano wanted to help Greta, so he had a surgeon to reconstruct her face. The pain was too horrible to stand, so Greta ran away, hiding in the swamp near Maison Blanche, the Bayou Dugar. She passed out from the pain and was found by New Orleans hospital orderly named Bobby Lee Cooper. He took her to the hospital. Stefano had started a search for Greta and when he found out she was in the hospital, he arranged to complete her surgeries. However, after most of the treatments, Greta really couldn’t stand the pain anymore. She ran back to the Bayou, covering her face with mud, so that nobody would ever see her scarred face. Stefano looked for her but couldn’t find her, so he assumed that she had died.

For many years nobody knew about Greta’s existence, except for a local doctor named Erlene and her two sons Wayne and Earl. They also lived in the swamps of New Orleans, and looked after her. Greta never felt uncomfortable alone in the bayou, since she had grown accustomed to being lonely as she never had any friends at the boarding schools she had attended. When Hope Williams was looking for clues to her missing years, she went to Maison Blanche, where she had been held captive by Stefano DiMera in 1994. She met Wayne and Earl, who didn’t want her to be there. They warned her to stay away, because intruders of the swamp were killed by ‘Swamp Girl’. Hope didn’t listen to them, eager to find clues. She was looking around in the bayou and Greta threw a rock at her and hit her. Hope was injured and went back to her hotel. Greta didn’t want anyone to find her. Later, Hope returned together with Bo Brady. But when a storm came up, they had to find shelter. While they were sleeping, the ‘Swamp Girl’ came, and snooped around their belongings. She found Hope’s silver compact and stole it. After Bo and Hope woke up, they were chased away by Wayne and Earl. A woman named Billie Reed also visited the Bayou, searching for Bo and Hope. Billie was highly pregnant, and passed out. Wayne and Earl found her and brought her to their mother, who was a doctor. Erlene told Billie that she was having her baby now. Billie’s baby was stillborn and they buried her in the Bayou. After the funeral, ‘Swamp Girl’ showed up at the gravesite and put the stolen compact on the grave. Billie later found it and thought it was a sign from God, so she took it with her.

Bo went back to the Bayou alone to find ‘Swamp Girl’. He thought she would know more about Hope’s missing years. He started a fire, but when the ‘Swamp Girl’ saw it, she was reminded of the terrible explosion years ago, so she screamed. Bo found her, but she ran away. Now Bo knew for sure ‘Swamp Girl’ existed, he decided to be like her, because he thought that was the only way to get in contact with her. Meanwhile ‘Swamp Girl’ had nightmares about Stefano DiMera. She remembered being in the New Orleans hospital with him, and being chased around in Bayou Dugar. ‘Swamp Girl’ began to bond with Bo, who now had mud all over his face and was wearing old clothes. But one day Bo was hit by lightning and she took care of him. After Wayne and Earl kidnapped ‘Swamp Girl’, Erlene took care of Bo. While Erlene was away one day, her sons decided to kill Bo, because they thought he was one of the men working for Stefano, who had lived at Maison Blanche. ‘Swamp Girl’ knew they were planning to kill Bo, so she distracted Wayne and Earl and escaped with Bo. After a while, ‘Swamp Girl’ trusted Bo enough to reveal her face. Bo was glad she wasn’t Hope, because he thought that maybe ‘Swamp Girl’ was Hope, and the Hope he knew, was an impostor. ‘Swamp Girl’ told him her name: It was Greta. She also told him that she was the one who disappeared in the explosion in 1990, not Hope. Bo talked Greta into coming to Salem with him. In Salem, she recognized Salemite John Black as Father John Black, who she had known since she was a child. She claimed that her mother was named Princess Gina von Amberg. Her mother had died of unknown causes in 1990. Greta decided to stay in Salem to get reacquainted with Father John again, as they had been very close in the past.

John paid Greta’s surgery to get her old face back, because she was often harassed by people about the way she looked. Because Greta wanted to find out what happened to her mother, she and her newfound friend Eric Brady flew to Paris, to find clues about her mother. They went to Le Chateau des Rêves and were coldly welcomed by Kurt Schwengel, the caretaker of the castle. He didn’t want them snooping around in the castle and told them to get lost. Greta told him who she was and Kurt let them stay. But what Eric and Greta didn’t know, was that Greta’s mother Gina was in the castle too. Kurt had orders from Stefano to keep her locked up in her castle for good. Eric and Greta decided to dig up Gina’s coffin, to see if there really was a body in it. After they got permission, they dug it up, and it was opened. There was indeed a body in the coffin, and everyone assumed that it was the body of Princess Gina. Tests seemed to prove that it really was her body. While Eric and Greta were in France, Duke Rupert Harriman and his wife Duchess Ethel, who had been close friends of Greta’s mother, were having a ball. Bo and Hope were invited and so were Eric and Greta. Kurt was going too, together with Princess Gina in disguise, who was very much alive. Disguised, Gina could see her daughter without being recognized. At the ball Gina almost revealed her face to Greta when Greta asked her if she had known her mother. They were interrupted by Stefano DiMera, who also attended the party. After the ball Eric and Greta stayed in France a few more days and then returned to Salem.

Greta had fallen in love with Eric while they were in Paris. She hoped Eric felt the same, but it looked like he was getting back together with his ex-girlfriend Nicole Walker. Nicole wanted Eric for herself, so she told Greta that the love between Eric and her still was there. Greta believed her and became very insecure about her relationship with Eric. Meanwhile Princess Gina found her way to Salem and began pretending to be Hope, who she had locked up in the castle. Gina had plastic surgery done and looked exactly like she used to look, a reflection of Hope. As time went by, Greta started to pick up signals that Hope wasn’t herself. As December 1999 started, Princess Gina, pretending to be Hope, decided that it was time to tell Greta who she really was. She told her that she was Princess Gina, her mother. At first, Greta didn’t believe her, but when her mother showed her a dried flower that Greta had given her many years ago, Greta did believe her and was thrilled to have her mother back. Greta wanted to know where the real Hope was, but Gina made up a story that Hope had committed suicide. Greta, who had become good friends with Hope, was horrified and wanted to tell it to Bo immediately, but Gina told her not to. She had fallen in love with Bo herself and wanted him all for herself, because he still believed she was Hope. Greta hated lying to the people she loved, but didn’t want to ruin her mother’s happiness. Meanwhile, Eric tried to convince Greta that it was really over between him and Nicole. Greta wanted to believe him, but still had her doubts.
After Bo and Gina, who was still pretending to be Hope, planned to marry, Greta was very happy for her mother. Gina asked her to be her maid of honor and Greta thought that was wonderful. At the wedding reception at the chic Penthouse Grill, Gina shot Bo’s son Shawn-Douglas and Marlena Black, who both believed that Hope wasn’t herself. When Bo tried to calm Gina down, he accidentally fired the gun Gina was holding and she was hit. She was rushed to the hospital. When she almost died, she asked for Greta. Gina told her who Greta’s father was, but she died shortly after. Greta was devastated that she had lost her mother, but Eric tried to convince her it was Hope who died, not Gina. Greta began believing him, although she should have known better. Her mother’s friend Lili Faversham wanted Greta to come back to Europe with her, but Greta decided to stay in Salem for Eric. Nicole offered Greta an apartment in Salem and Greta happily accepted, not knowing that it was Nicole’s old apartment. Greta blindfolded Eric and took him to her new place, but he was filled with memories of him and Nicole when he found out that Greta bought Nicole’s old place. Greta still had to look out for Nicole, who did everything she could to get Eric back.

Greta’s worst fear came true when it was discovered by DNA tests that it really was Gina von Amberg who had died and not Hope Williams. Greta was shocked and blamed herself for not believing her mother while she was on her deathbed and hiding her true feelings from her. Eric comforted her and said that it wasn’t necessary for Greta to tell her mother she loved her, because Gina could feel Greta loved her. Greta still didn’t know if she should tell everyone who her father was. She decided to bury her mother near the Chateau in Paris and John Black was so kind to let her fly with him and others, since they were travelling to France to find the real Hope. Greta was thrilled that Eric wanted to join her, but when they were up in the air, a bomb exploded, which was planted there by Stefano’s henchmen. The door of the plane flew open and Greta was brave enough to close the door, knowing that it could mean her death. Greta’s attempt succeeded, but the plane ran out of fuel and the crashed in the water. Greta and the others swam to a deserted island, where John told her not to think of her mother’s body, but Greta couldn’t help being devastated. The body of her mother couldn’t be rescued from the sinking plane. When Eric and Greta were alone in the lagoon, they almost made love for the first time. But their intimate moment was interrupted when the body of Gina surfaced next to them. Greta was horrified and totally panicked. The body was pulled out of the water and after overcoming the shock, Greta was glad that she now at least could give her mother a funeral. The stranded group was rescued from the island shortly after and continued their journey to Paris.

When they arrived at the castle, the caretaker Kurt kept silent about Hope’s presence there and the group decided to continue their search, but not before Gina was given a decent funeral. Greta gave a speech at her mother’s funeral and tried to convince everyone that her mother didn’t mean to hurt them, she just had wanted some happiness in her life. After she said goodbye to her mother for the last time, the coffin was lowered. Due to a technical failure, the coffin fell open and everyone, especially Greta, was horrified to see the mortal remains of Gina. After Greta and the others had calmed down, Gina was finally buried. The gang planned to search somewhere else for Hope, but then a fire started at the castle. It was lightened by Hope, who wanted to draw their attention. Everyone headed back and some of them went in to look for Hope. Greta waited outside and was sad to see her former home go up in flames. Eric had gone inside, but was brought unconscious outside by John, as he was hit by a falling beam. Greta was afraid that Eric wouldn’t make it, but she was relieved when Eric regained consciousness. After Hope was found, Eric and Greta went to Gina’s grave one last time to say goodbye. They were horrified when they witnessed that Kurt had dug up Gina’s decaying body and was holding it in his arms. Eric and Kurt got into a fight, but Greta knocked Kurt unconscious and Gina was buried again. Later, everyone returned to Salem.

Greta was still a little hesitant about their relationship, but truly loved Eric. She was afraid he still had feelings for his old flame Nicole, but she didn’t tell Eric about it. Meanwhile, Greta befriended Austin Reed. They gave each other advise about their relationships and Greta even helped him decorate his apartment. When Austin had to go to Paris, Greta gave him a lift to the airport. When they said goodbye, Austin wanted to give her a kiss on her cheek, but Greta turned her head and they accidentally kissed. Austin excused him for the kiss, but Greta said it was okay. Eric surprised Greta with a trip to Green Mountain Ski Lodge, but when they stopped for dinner at a diner, Greta was approached by a guy named Hank, who wanted to dance with her. Greta said no and Eric told him to get lost. Hank didn’t like that and they went outside to fight. There, Hank pulled a knife and threatened Eric. Greta quickly came to Eric rescue by telling Hank she wanted to dance after all. When Hank left Eric, Greta knocked Hank down and Eric and Greta ran to the car to continue their journey to the Lodge. At the Lodge, the couple ran into Nicole and her husband Lucas who also were enjoying a trip to the Lodge. Greta was upset that Eric’s ex was there, so Eric and Greta decided to go back to Salem. In Salem, Nicole kept popping up in their lives, and Greta noticed that Eric was very drawn to Nicole. All of Greta’s doubts returned and she didn’t know if Eric wanted to be with her or Nicole. When Greta went to visit Eric, she accidentally overheard Eric telling Nicole that he loved her. Greta now had certainty, but was heartbroken. She confronted Eric and accused him of only getting involved with her to get over Nicole. Eric didn’t deny that and Greta was furious. Greta also found out that Eric had slept with Nicole again. Greta told him he was the only man she had trusted in a long time and now he had broken that trust. Greta thought she was a fool for ever believing that he truly loved her and was glad that she hadn’t given him her virginity. Greta left Eric’s apartment in anger.

Later, Eric dropped by to see Greta for one last time. He had decided to leave Salem to have some time alone and came to say goodbye to her and to apologize. Greta was still hurt by what had happened and wasn’t ready to forgive him. They said their goodbyes and Eric left. Greta wanted to take her mind off of Eric and decided to go downtown. She was surprised to see Eric’s car in front of her and wondered where he was going, since he was in such a hurry. She noticed that Eric was trying to outrun the train next to them at the crossing. Greta saw that Eric would never make it, but couldn’t warn him. At the crossing, Eric’s car got crashed by the train, but luckily Eric made it out alive. Greta and Eric talked one last time, and then Eric took off. Greta turned to her friend Austin for comfort and support. When Lili Faversham returned to Salem for a surprise visit, Greta informed her about the whole situation with Eric. Lili thought Lucas should know about his wife’s infidelity and Greta decided to confront him. However, at the Kiriakis Mansion, Greta was convinced by Nicole to keep silent about Eric and Nicole’s affair and Greta left without telling Lucas. Later, Nicole stopped by Greta’s apartment and asked if Greta was willing to help her save her marriage to Lucas. Greta was furious with Nicole and didn’t want to help her. However, after a talk with her friend Austin, Greta decided to give Nicole a chance and went over the Kiriakis Mansion, where Nicole lived. There, Greta overheard Nicole telling Lucas that she was afraid that she was being stalked by Eric. This was too much for Greta and she confronted Nicole. Lucas chose the side of Nicole and Greta wasn’t able to convince him that Nicole was a liar. Greta left in anger, not understanding why Lucas didn’t believe her.

Lili Faversham had come to Salem, not only to see Greta again, but she also had something to show her. Now that Princess Gina had died, Greta was the only living family member of the Von Ambergs. Her legal father, Prince Philippe von Amberg, had addressed Greta as the inheritor of the Von Amberg fortune, which consisted of 100 million dollars as well as the title of Her Royal Highness, Princess Greta von Amberg. Greta had lived all her life without caring for money and fame, so she wasn’t interested in it. However, when Lili told Greta that an orphanage could be built from the money, Greta decided to listen. Attorney Mickey Horton read Philippe’s will and Greta learned that a lot of conditions had to be met to get the money. The first one of them was that Greta had to travel to Europe, to the Romanesque Castle in France. There she would find the instructions that would tell her how to start the journey of her life. Upon ending the journey, Greta would get all the money. Greta had to be accompanied by a man, who was single and pure of heart. Greta was stunned about all these conditions, which, in her eyes, were ridiculous. Greta decided to think it over and counselled her friend Austin Reed. He encouraged her to follow the instructions of the will. Greta asked if Austin would come along, since he was still single and pure of heart. Austin was touched and agreed, as the two hugged. Later that day, Lili rushed to Greta informing her that the will demanded that Greta would be in France before midnight. Greta was shocked and Lili told her she had tried to arrange seats in a plane, but all flights were full. Greta panicked, but Austin told her not to worry. Austin would take care of it, while Greta packed her bags. Greta and Lili met up with Austin at the Salem airport, where Austin informed them that he had arranged the Titan Jet, a fast airplane of the publishing company he worked for. Austin and Greta got on board and immediately flew to France.

At the castle, they met Charles, the caretaker. He told them to go through a door and when they did, Greta and Austin tumbled through space, eventually landing in an almost surreal garden. Greta didn’t know what had happened, and neither did Austin. They learned that their quest had begun and that they had to pass several tests to prove their honesty and truthfulness. Greta was shocked when she encountered her late mother, but realized that it only was a vision. Austin and Greta grew very close in the garden, but didn’t give in to temptation, as that was one of the tests they had to pass. Austin and Greta succeeded in passing the first couple of tests and Charles let them return to the real world. There, Greta learned she could stop now, but then she wouldn’t get the money to built the orphanage. Greta and Austin decided to go back, more determined than ever to succeed in their quest. The final test was a battle to death, in which one of them had to fight in an arena. Austin, a former boxer, offered to engage in the battle and Greta was touched he would do that for her, but feared for his safety. As the battle began, Gina appeared to Greta and stood by her side as Greta witnessed the fight between Austin and his opponents, with caretaker Charles as the referee. Charles had no intention of letting Austin survive, much to the despair of Greta. Austin was seriously injured and Gina disappeared. Greta was horrified to see Austin nearly die and stepped in, holding him and telling him how proud she was of him. This seemed to be affecting Austin, who miraculously recovered. Austin and Greta had passed all the tests and found themselves back in reality again, where they were greeted by Ingrid Mitchell, who was in charge of the coronation preparations. Ingrid explained that they had passed the first phase and now had to continue with the second and last phase, which was the training for the crowning.

Austin and Greta were treated like royalty and met some of the orphans for which the orphanage would be built. Greta loved spending time with the kids and looked forward to giving them a home. Ingrid explained to Greta that she had to decide whether or not Charles, who had been loyal to the family for many years, would stay in service of the Von Amberg family. Since Charles had caused nothing but trouble for Greta, she banished him from the castle. Ingrid also showed Greta the guest list, which included European royalty and various Salemites, all friends of Greta’s. Meanwhile, Greta had fallen in love with Austin and wanted him to be her escort during the coronation. Greta hoped he would accept, but she knew he still had deep feelings for his girlfriend Sami Brady, Eric’s twin-sister. Much to her joy, Austin gladly accepted the honor and the couple spent many hours preparing for the festivities. As the guests arrived from Salem, Greta was thrilled to see Lili Faversham. Lili was elated to see Greta with Austin, as she believed it was time for Greta to move on after Eric. On the day of the coronation, Greta was dressed up for the ceremony and got to wear a copy of the dress of the mother of Prince Philippe. With Austin as her chaperone, Greta entered the grand hall of the Paris Estate of Lord and Lady Sheraton, who hosted the coronation, and Austin and Greta were formally introduced by Ingrid, who was thrilled. Greta promised Austin that she would reveal who her father was after she was crowned, and confirmed to Austin that she saw her father in the crowd. Before the crowning, Austin and Greta raised money to build the orphanage, as the Von Amberg fortune wasn’t sufficient. However, just after Greta was crowned, a resentful Charles stood up from the crowd and shot three times at Greta in cold blood. Greta collapsed and was horrified as the shooting didn’t stop. Bullets kept flying and everyone fell on the ground. After everything calmed down, Greta feared for the safety of the orphans who were attending the coronation, but Austin assured her they had been brought in safety in time. Greta worried about Ingrid, who stood next to her, and was shocked to learn Ingrid didn’t make it. Austin and Lili stood by Greta as she was losing consciousness and Stefano’s daughter Lexie Carver, a doctor, who was attending the coronation as well, tried to help Greta. However, Greta flat-lined and Lexie feared she wouldn’t make it. Luckily, Lexie got Greta’s pulse back and she was rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, it became clear Greta needed a blood transplant and Austin’s girlfriend Sami offered to donate blood, as she had the same blood type. After Greta recovered, she was thankful to Sami for saving her life, but figured Sami was trying to show off to Austin, fearing he was falling for Greta.

After recovering, Greta went back to Salem, where she met Jack Deveraux while having coffee at Java Café. Jack seemed intrigued by her title of Princess and they started a conversation. Jack told her the story of his life and how he had lived in Salem years ago and now had returned to be reunited with his ex-wife and their daughter. Greta wished him luck. Later, Greta dropped by Austin’s place and tried to get him away from Sami, by telling him how the building plans of the orphanage were coming along and invited him over to her place to go over the plans. Austin agreed and walked out on Sami. Greta wanted to know what Austin found so special about Sami, but didn’t get a straight answer. Greta wanted to hold on to Austin and remembered him of the special bond they had developed in Europe. Austin liked Greta very much and began having doubts about his relationship with Sami. After overhearing Sami was going out with her friend Brandon Walker at Tuscany, Greta invited Austin for a dinner at Tuscany too. As Brandon and Sami were dancing, Greta pointed them out to Austin, who was disappointed to see Sami with an other man. However, Sami managed to sweet-talk Austin and Greta was annoyed by Sami’s control over Austin. When Greta learned that Lucas Roberts had been badly burned as the Kiriakis Mansion had burned down, she visited him at the hospital and ran into Austin and Lucas’s mother, Kate Roberts. Kate thanked Greta for her concern for Lucas and was curious if Greta and Austin were seeing each other and encouraged Greta to pursue a relationship with Austin, as she would do him good. After several run-ins with Jack, Greta had learned he had been a reporter, was introduced to his daughter Abigail and was asked to help decorate Jack’s newly bought house. Greta decided to help Jack, who had made a deal with his ex-wife Jennifer to live in the same house for Abigail’s sake, by assisting him in the decoration of the house.

When Greta went to Austin’s workplace Titan Publishing one day, Nicole wanted to talk to her. Nicole had wormed her way up to being an executive at Titan and informed Greta that Eric had returned to Salem while she was in Paris. Greta was surprised, but hurt when Nicole told her how she and Eric had made love over and over again. Nicole explained that Eric hadn’t returned at all, but she just wanted to see Greta’s reaction. Greta told her she was over Eric and was interested in Austin now. Nicole hinted that she might go after Austin too and Greta left upset. Later, Jack invited Greta over to his place and they decided to become friends. Jack became worried when Jennifer still wasn’t home at night and decided to look for her after hearing an explosion had swept away a bridge en route to their house. Greta stayed with Abby, but worried about what was going on. Soon, Jack called and asked if Bo and Hope had dropped by, but Greta told him they didn’t. However, moments later they did arrive, asking where Jennifer and their son JT were. Greta didn’t know, as she only had heard the bridge was out over the radio and didn’t want to alarm Abby, who couldn’t sleep. Suddenly Jack entered with Jennifer, who looked terrible. Greta brought Jennifer upstairs, while Jennifer kept saying how sorry she was and that it was her fault. Greta feared something bad had happened and learned from Jack that Jennifer’s car nearly had went off the bridge, and that little JT had fallen out of the car in his car seat, right into the river below. Greta was horrified, but luckily JT was found by a couple and was later safely returned to Bo and Hope.

Jack and Greta often met each other at the Java Café and Jack tried to convince Greta to use her money to buy a newspaper, so he could run it. Greta had her doubts and didn’t want to rush into anything. She confided into Jack about how she hoped she and Austin would end up together and Jack decided to go rollerblading together to get her mind off of things. Greta had a great time, but nearly was hit by a car if it wasn’t for Jack who pulled her away in time. Greta told him she owed him one now. While at the hospital waiting for Alice Horton, Greta ran into Brandon Walker, Sami’s friend. Greta and Brandon both believed Austin and Sami weren’t right for each other. When Alice showed up, Greta confided in her that there could be a chance Gina had lied to her about her father’s identity and that she was ready to deal with it. At Salem Place, Greta saw Jack and Jennifer and went over to say hello. She asked Jennifer if she would like to go shopping together sometimes, but Jennifer felt not up to it and suggested that Jack probably would want to. Greta was surprised as she didn’t think Jack would like shopping, but Jack convinced Jennifer and Greta that he did like to go shopping and took Greta with him to prove it. Jack asked Greta if she thought Jennifer was jealous about their friendship, but Greta figured Jenn had nothing to be jealous of, as they were nothing more than friends. Greta did notice some jealousy in Jennifer over her friendship with Jack, and realized Jennifer and Jack were still in love with each other. Meanwhile, Greta went out with an old friend, Hope Brady. Hope wanted to know more of her life as Gina and Greta told her the memories she had of her mother. When Hope asked Greta who her father was, Greta didn’t know what to say. Later, Greta went out with Jack, but Jack was more occupied with spying on Jennifer, who was on a date with Brandon, than on spending time with Greta. Greta got bored, until her eye fell on an attractive man with an English accent. Greta was intrigued. Still, Greta spent most of her time with Jack and saw a different, more caring, side of him. Greta found herself falling for Jack.

When Austin dropped by at her apartment, Greta was glad to see him again. Austin confided in her that he and Sami were growing closer, which didn’t sit well with Greta. On the other hand, Austin wasn’t sure what to think of Greta’s new friendship with Jack Deveraux. Later, Greta ran into the mystery man again, who was accompanied by his girlfriend. Greta wanted to get acquainted with them, but the girlfriend was very rude to her. The couple left before they could properly introduce each other. Greta decided to pursue a relationship with Jack, but when she asked him why he wasn’t attracted to her, he confided in her that he was gay. This was not quite the answer Greta had expected, but felt honored that he trusted her enough to tell her. Greta now realized this was the reason that Jack and Jennifer hadn’t found their way back to each other. Jack asked her not to tell anyone about this, and invited her to join him for a trip to Las Vegas, to meet Oliver Wentworth, who could have a job for him. Greta accepted and agreed to play his wife while there. Still, Greta was disappointed that Jack wasn’t interested in her romantically and cried out on Austin’s shoulder. She felt unattractive and thought nobody wanted her, as she first had lost Eric to Nicole, then Austin to Sami and now Jack had no interest in her. Austin gave Greta a peptalk, but explained his life was with Sami. Greta understood, but privately hoped they could be together one day. Depressed, Greta decided to go to cybercafé DotCom, where she had another encounter with the mystery man. She explained she was sick and tired of everyone referring to her as a princess and wanted to lead a normal life. They both told each other about their problems, but the man left to join his girlfriend before Greta could ask his name. When Greta was at Alice’s, hoping she would have some advice for her, Maggie Horton dropped by to tell Alice the horrible news that her great-grandson Shawn Brady, the son of Bo and Hope, had died. Jack and Jennifer also came by to support Alice. When the phone rang, Greta picked it up and was shocked to find Hope on the other end. Greta didn’t know what to say to her, but Hope had wonderful news, Shawn was still alive. Greta shared this news with Alice, Jack and Jennifer, and they decided to celebrate with a bottle of tequila. Tipsy, Greta nearly told Jennifer about Jack being gay, but Jack interfered and Greta managed to lie her way out of it.

The next morning, Greta had a huge hangover from all the alcohol, and went to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor treating her was none other than the man she had run into several times. The doctor said she was okay and promised to bring her home. On the way to her apartment, the doctor explained he was engaged, but if he wasn’t, he would ask her out. Back home, Greta was intrigued by the man and hated the fact that she still didn’t know his name. Meanwhile, Greta thought Jack was making more problems for himself by pursuing a relationship with Jennifer. Greta wanted to practice for their trip to Vegas, but Jack wasn’t interested. Greta felt sorry for Jack and decided to set him up with a guy, and contacted Ivan, a gay friend of hers, who was working with Harold Jones. Ivan wasn’t interested in Jack, but Harold was. While out with Jack at the club The Blue Note, Greta had arranged for Harold to come by, so she could introduce him to Jack. After a difficult start, it really seemed Jack and Harold had something going, but when Jack realized that Harold was gay, he panicked and left. Greta thought Jack needed some time for himself to come to terms with his feelings, and decided to continue her matchmaking plan. However, Jack still was adamant on making Jennifer jealous with his friendship with Greta and kissed her at Salem Place, hoping Jennifer would see it. Greta was caught off guard and realized how strong her feelings for Jack were. Nonetheless, Greta invited Jack to her house and promised to give him a massage. Jack agreed, but when Greta secretly switched places with Harold, Jack was appalled that he was getting a massage from a man and made it clear to Greta that he didn’t ever want to date a man. Greta was left puzzled. Since her relationship with Jack had come to a dead end, Greta pursued an other man, her mystery doctor. After running in to him again, she finally was able to ask for his name. She learned he was Colin Murphy, but it seemed he was more interested in what she knew about Jennifer, than he was in her. Greta left him and went home, but was in for quite a nasty surprise when Nicole dropped by later. Nicole wanted her apartment back, and claimed she had every right to it, as Greta only was a subtenant. Nicole had official papers that said that the original tenant had the right to return to the apartment, giving Greta three days to move out. Greta was appalled by this latest scheme from Nicole, and went straight over to Jack to complain. Jack pointed out that with all her money she could buy a mansion, but Greta liked her apartment very much, as it was the only place she had ever felt safe and she had made it her home.

Jack was intrigued when Greta told him about her run-in with Colin Murphy, as Colin had been interested in Jennifer. Jennifer, who had seen Jack and Greta talking, dropped by and learned about Greta’s eviction. When Jack tried to make Jennifer jealous by suggesting Greta could move in with him, Jennifer called his bluff and encouraged Greta to accept the offer, as it would be fun the three of them living together with Abby. Jack suddenly was against it, and tried to dissuade Greta, only leading into an argument with Jennifer, who wanted to become friends with Greta. Greta grew tired of them bickering about her, and left them, as she didn’t think it would work out. Upon arriving home, she heard people inside, and feared for burglars. Jack and Jennifer, who wanted to talk things out with Greta, joined her in the hallway, and together the trio went inside, where they found Nicole and her brother Brandon getting Greta’s things packed. Greta was outraged and gave Nicole a piece of her mind, but Nicole humiliated her by making fun of her relationships with men, including Jack. Greta was furious, and informed Nicole that her love life was just as bad, as she was sleeping with Victor Kiriakis, a man old enough to be her grandfather, and was using him for her own agenda. Jennifer and Brandon had left, but Jack was still listening in on the argument. Nicole tried to get Jack on her side by telling him of her horrible childhood, but Greta saw right through her. She was very disappointed in Jack when he fell for Nicole’s sweet talk and ordered him to get out of her life. Upset, Greta went to The Blue Note for a drink, where she found Jennifer on a date with Brandon. Jennifer convinced Greta that moving in with them was the right thing to do, and Greta accepted Jennifer’s offer after all. The next morning, Jack was surprised to find Greta at the breakfast table, and confided in Greta that this would make it harder for him to get back with Jennifer. Greta threatened that if he didn’t tell Jennifer about him being gay, she would. Jack pleaded with her not to tell Jennifer, and Greta grew tired of Jack’s endless games. Jack explained how he needed to play those games to get Jennifer back, and asked her help in getting the Las Vegas job from Oliver Wentworth. Oliver promised to speed things up, believing Jack was engaged to Greta. Meanwhile, Jennifer pressured Greta to tell her about Jack’s big secret. Greta thought Jennifer had figured it out by now, but couldn’t tell her, as she had made a promise to Jack. Jennifer was intrigued and asked Greta to give a few hints. Greta gave in, and Jennifer soon learned Jack’s secret about being gay. Jennifer assured Greta that Jack couldn’t be gay, but Greta was positive that Jack truly was gay. Jennifer went along with her and promised not to tell Jack anything.

When the interview with Oliver Wentworth finally was about to take place, Jack and Greta left for Las Vegas to meet with him. Jennifer and her boyfriend Brandon Walker went to Las Vegas too, to attend the wedding of Austin Reed and Sami Brady. Austin and Sami weren’t they only couple that would be married in Vegas, as Colin Murhpy and his fiancée Elizabeth Cox planned to exchange vows as well. Greta wished Colin good luck and assisted him in a game of gambling. Later, Greta learned both of the weddings never had taken place because of arguments between both couples, but Jack and Greta still had a mission in Vegas, to get Jack a job. While strolling around, they accidentally bumped into some men, and took the wrong briefcase with them in confusion. The briefcase they had taken by mistake was filled with money, and Jack and Greta were amazed. Jack found out the money had been stolen, and that the thieves now were after him, as they wanted the money back. Greta and Jack decided to keep a low profile, but were surprised to run into Harold Jones in Vegas. Harold had come to meet with his father, Oliver Wentworth, and Jack and Greta were awestruck that Wentworth and Harold were father and son. While Jack worried that Harold could inform his father that Jack and Greta had no relationship, the thugs found him and Greta, and Harold came up with a plan. Dressed as showgirls, Greta, Jack and Harold went up on stage in a Vegas act, hoping to shrug of the thugs. Still, they were noticed, and a struggle for the suitcase ensued. Jack and Greta were assisted by Jennifer and her boyfriend Brandon, and managed to get the thugs arrested. However, Jennifer was furious with Jack for causing the whole mess and revealed she had known for a while he was lying about being gay. Jack told her explicitly he wasn’t gay, not realizing a microphone was nearby, informing everyone of his lies. Greta was appalled by this, and slapped Jack across the face. Wentworth was furious that Jack had been playing Harold for a fool, and took back his job offer.

Back in Salem, Greta made the tough decision to return to Europe, not only to forget about the pain Jack caused her, but to solve the mystery of her father. Before her departure, Greta complained to Jennifer that she had lost all the men she cared for to other women. She had lost Eric to Nicole, Austin to Sami, and now Jack to Jennifer. Jennifer felt sorry for Greta, but didn’t know how to cheer her up. Greta paid a visit to John Black, with whom she always had shared a special bond. John was disappointed to see her leave Salem, and Greta revealed that she always had wanted him to be her father. But, even though she wanted it, she confirmed to John he wasn’t her biological father. After getting her things at Jennifer’s house, Greta said tearful goodbyes to Jennifer, Abby and Alice, and ran into Jack on the way out, making it clear she was very hurt by what he had done, and hoped she would be able to forgive him one day. With that, she left Salem in the spring of 2002, and went to Europe to check with the orphanage that was built with the Von Amberg inheritance. In May, Greta was contacted by Bo and Hope, who were in Paris revisiting the time when Hope was brainwashed into thinking she was Gina. Hope wanted to find out who the man was who impregnated her, and hoped to find clues at Gina’s Townhouse. Greta gave them permission to search the grounds, which resulted in Hope remembering Bo was the one who fathered her child.

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