Those who Agrias hates and vice versa.
* Gafgarion *
It's safe to say these two hated eachother from day one. Gafgarion was a Dark Knight and Agrias was a Holy Knight. The two were not meant to like eachother's company. Gafgarion was a bit of a dominating man, with a rough edge and snobbish tongue. He looked down upon people, especially women, I think. In the end he betrayed Agrias and Ramza by siding with the enemy-- something that did not sit will with our heroes.

* Delita *
This is an obvious one. The second Delita captured Ovelia, any chances of a decent relationship between him and Agrias went out the window. To Agrias, Delita was thought of as a kidnapper and labeled him as one for the rest of the game.