Will Agrias ever find love with a man?
* Ramza *
I am quite the rabid Agrias/Ramza shipper, and certainly believe these two had a chance. Sure, Agrias, at first, thought of Ramza as a boy-- someone just learning to wield a sword. But by the middle of Chapter 2, at the exucution grounds in the fight with Gafgarion, you can see the alarm in her voice when discovering Ramza is a Beoulve, and that he lied about his identity. I think at that point, Agrias was starting to come around to Ramza and his ideals. I think she had a rather fond liking for him-- something beyond friendship.

* Mustadio *
Agrias commands respect, for herself and for Ovelia. When Mustadio acts a tad out of line with the Princess, she gets defensive and tells him to behave. Hmmm, maybe deep down she likes his attitude. Something to think about, eh? ^_^