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This is the fanlisting for Allen, the (cute) red haired scientist in the PS2 video game, Xenosaga. Please go to thefanlistings.org to learn more about fanlists.

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// About Allen \\
Allen is a scientist aboard the spaceship, VECTOR. He works under Chief Shion Uzuki, the head scientist, who he has a small crush on. Allen always seems to be worried over something-- rather it be over the KOS-MOS project or Shion herself. He freaks out slightly when pulled into events beyond his control, and is a rather big softie at heart. Deep down though... Allen is trying his best to be an unlikely hero.

// About Serene \\
The dictionary describes the word "Serene" as being calm and cool. Those are two words that don't necessarily describe Allen... but I'm sure Allen would love to encompass those things more, and therefor, became the title of this fanlisting. Serene opened on March 5th, 2003.

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