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Shion Uzuki is a likable, determined woman. Shes often nave to the point of unbelievability, but shes also extremely intelligent and strong-willed when the situation calls for it. Like many great heroines, she has a checkered past -- and the strength of the narrative means that you intuit that more than are explicitly shown it, although Xenosaga is peppered with flashbacks.

Shion is a skilled and dedicated scientist pulled into events and situations beyond her control. Thanks to her connections she has access to some high-tech toys -- weapons -- to see her through some violent fights with the Gnosis-- scary alien monsters. Shion has a tendancy to dedicate herself to her work and special causes-- especially her dedication as creator of KOS-MOS, a new weapon to fight the Gnosis.

Shion has deverse stats and ether abilities to make her a wonderful party member and heroine of Xenogears.