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In A Necessary Evil, Xena must enlist the help of the evil Callisto, who is trapped in a cavern by Hercules, to slay a power-hungry Amazon, Velasca, who has become immortal. Xena knows that Callisto is immortal, and that only she has the power to slay Velasca. Gabrielle is horrified at the idea of freeing her husband's murderer, but knows that Callisto just might be the only one to save (or sacrifice) them all...

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Episode Quotes

"You don't just kill me and walk away!" -Callisto
"Does an Amazon Queen beat a Warrior Princess?" - Gabrielle
"Ah, such a pretty day for a bloodbath." - Callisto
"Here comes trouble!" - Callisto
"When I sliced up your husband, how long did it take him to die? -Callisto
"So, any new husbands since the last one I killed?" -Callisto
"We played a little game of truth or dare, and she's not very good at it." -Callisto
"Now, do we stake Gabrielle out like the sacrificial lamb she is, or are we to trust that she won't be running?" -Callisto
"You'd like to kill me…wish you could." -Callisto
"That was good...but you know the problem…I'm immortal. You can't kill me. You can't even hurt me!" -Callisto
"Where's that lava pit you want me to dump her in . . . I'm looking forward to that!" -Callisto

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