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Bart held a notorious reputation that became the legend of many folks in the continent. He was the infamous leader of the sand pirates -- a bunch of vigilantes and treasure hunters roaming the vast deserts of Ignas in their masive sand ship, the high-tech sand vessel, Yggdrasil. However, behind every illegal action this group commited, there was a purpose deeper hid in Bart's heart. He strives to find a way to gain back what was rightfully his. In their desperation to amass their firepower and boost up their military capabilities, the sand pirates held a race against the enemy in digging for the perfect weapons and gears left behind by the earlier civilazations. Here Bart came to acquire his gear, Brigandier, along with the information about a "perfect" gear named "Weltall". He and his party then sought to gain possession of this mythed gear, but without a clue about its whereabouts. Until one day, they stumbled upon the very thing they where searching for, with only one complication. The gear already found a pilot, and it wouldn't accept anybody else. The pilot, Fei, also had no intentions of freely handing over the gear to Bart. And thus, a battle was called for, which surprisingly led to Bart offering allegiance to Fei. And now, the true battle for Bart's rightful place, will commence. ~Borrowed from the Nisan Sanctuary~

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